Succulents Jigsaw1000 PCS
Succulents Jigsaw1000 PCS
Succulents Jigsaw1000 PCS

Succulents Jigsaw1000 PCS

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This is a new and challenging 1000 piece puzzle.

The perfect gift for jigsaw puzzles-Jigsaw puzzles are fun when you are bored at home and are also the perfect gifts for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, anniversaries and retirement days.

Mounted immediately after completion, is a great decoration for walls and desktop!

Pieces: jigsaw 1000 pieces for adults
Material: Manufactured from premium quality materials, touch smooth, full of detail, bright colors.
Easy Sorting: Contain unique interlocking pieces within code on the back for easy sorting, can be faster to complete the puzzle.
Family Entertaining: The perfect pastime for the whole family to enjoy. Also can as a gift or home decoration.

 500pcs: 40*25cm

1000 pcs:65*40cm

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